Lash Lift & Tint ...... $80.00

This will lift and curl your own lashes, while also tinting them and keeping them healthy and natural. This treatment lasts 6-8 weeks.

Come with clean lashes, your lashes must stay dry for 24 hours after your service. 


Each facial will be custom for you, with products picked specifically for your skins needs; meaning each facial will target the areas of your skin. Your facial could be for anti aging, rosacea, sensitive skin, or acne. It will just depend on your skin analysis and your concerns. 


Express Facial …… $50.00

30 minutes

Double cleanse, exfoliation, mask, serums, moisturizer


Pure Relaxation Facial …. $85.00

1 hour 30 minutes 

Double cleanse, skin analysis, exfoliation with steam, hand and & massage, extractions, facial massage, electricity to help with blemishes and acne or with product absorption, a mask, neck and shoulder massage, serum, eye & lip serums, & moisturizer.


Microdermabrasion .... $60.00

40 minutes

Advanced Treatment 
(check advanced treatment page for more information)

Microdermabrasion is a procedure that exfoliates and removes the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells. anyone with fine lines, uneven pigmentation or clogged pores may benefit most from a series of microdermabrasion treatments

This treatment includes a double cleanse, a micro, a hydrating serum, and then a SPF to finish. 

Skin Resurfacing Treatment … $130.00

1 hour 15 minutes

Advanced Treatment

(check advanced treatment page for more information)

(see microdermabrasion fore more information)

Double cleanse, Microdermabrasion, enzyme, extractions, a modeling mask, neck and shoulder massage, serum, SPF

Ormedic Chemical Peel .... $90.00

1 hour

Advanced Treatment

(check advanced treatment page for more information)

This treatment is for unbalanced, irritated, sensitive and dull looking skin.

considered a lunch time peel this chemical peel does not have as much down time as a jessners or TCA peel and you will not peel as deeply. This treatment removes 30-60% of the top layer of your epidermis.

Acne lift Chemical Peel ..... $90.00

1 hour

Advanced Treatment

(check advanced treatment page for more information)

This treatment is for people who have acne grades 1 or 2. Once again this is considered a lunch time peel and doesn't have as much downtime as a jessners or TCA peel and you will not peel as deeply. This helps clear up excess oil and exfoliate deeper to help clear up any acne. 

Dermaplaning...... $50.00

Advanced Treatment

(check advanced treatment page for more information)

Dermaplaning is a procedure that removes the 30 to 60% of the  top layer of your skin. The procedure aims to remove fine wrinkles and deep acne scarring, as well as make the skin's surface look smooth as it removes all vellus hair.  

Add Ons

Collagen Spray $3.00

Vitamin C Spray $3.00

Detox Spray $3.00

Hydrojelly Mask $15.00

Customized to your skins needs, they have multiple different benefits such as: smoothing, moisture retention, conditioning, soothing, toning, and reducing inflammation

Vitamin C Modeling Mask: $10.00

A warm peel off mask that is rich in Vitamin C and helps boost collagen production

Marine Modeling Mask $10.0

Great for anyone with Rosacea 



Back Facial …. $75.00

60 minutes

Double cleanse with the use of a rotary brush, exfoliation, extractions, electric current to help kill bacteria and reduce breakouts, a mask, massage, and moisturizer

++ on a microdermabrasion  to help with a deeper exfoliation for $50.00

++ on a hydro jelly mask for $25.00

Body Treatment …… $90.00

45 minutes 

Full body exfoliation, with a body mask, then wrapped, and lastly a moisturizer

Chocolate Body Treatment:

This chocolate body wrap helps improve the texture and appearance of your skin. Chocolate is an amazing antioxidant which helps strengthen your immune system and firm firm your skin while also eliminating lingering water. This treatment includes a body scrub, to help exfoliate your skin, a mask; where you’re wrapped up in a thermal blanket (you can even take a nap) and then removed and body butter is left on. 

Coconut Lime Body Treatment:

Coconut oil has many different benefits, it has anti-aging properties, it is a very good moisturizer so it a great addition to exfoliation, and it is known to help psoriasis, eczema, and multiple other skin ailments. This treatment includes a body scrub, a wrap, and then once that is removed a body butter to finish. 

Green Tea Body Treatment:

 green tea has many antioxidant properties, they help increase the skins normal rate of rejuvenation, resulting in the new skin cells moving to the surface quicker. The exfoliation would be a perfect pre treatment if you plan on getting waxed.  You’ll be exfoliated, masked, and left to nap, and then moisturized to finish your treatment. 

Cellulite Wrap

This  wrap aimsto boost circulation to help flush toxins away from your skin and underlying fat cells, for a smoother, bump-free appearance. Generally, these wraps target the bottom, hip and thigh area.

Pretty Peach .... $70.00

A facial for your booty, this treatment helps with firming, cellulite and plumping!  this includes a double cleanse, with a rotating brush, an exfoliating scrub with steam, a toning mist, extractions if needed, high frequency, a firming mask and a massage with collagen cream. 

++ add on a microdermabrasion for $40.00 

this will help with stretch marks and plumping

++ add on a hydro jelly mask for $25.00



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